Our Winemaker

Our business has grown out of a dream and is 100% vision-driven. We believe in fulfilling our ambitions, no matter what the cost. From our perspective, no challenge is too difficult nor too demanding, so when our family member, Avi Rosenberg, set a goal to become a professional winemaker, we knew that not only would he achieve the goal, but he would excel in his field as well. Which is exactly what happened. Graduating from the CELLAR MASTER track at Tel Hai College was just the first step in his journey.

Taking the knowledge he gleaned, Avi fulfilled his dream and became the founder of our tremendous winery. As an inspiring member of a family of farmers, he brings with him a deep knowledge and practical experience of combining the love of the land and the endless curiosity with the expertise he has accumulated over the years, leading him to grow the highest quality and richest grapes in taste and aroma for all wines. In the end, the quality of the wine is determined by the quality of the source. And for Avi, this is the only way to make wine. For us, this is Adir’s standard and will always continue to be. It's absolutely what a family business can offer.

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