Our winemaker

Our winemaker


We are a business that has grown from a dream and is empowered by a vision. We believe in fulfilling our aspirations, whatever they may be. No challenge is too difficult, no task too demanding. That is why when Avi Rosenberg, a member of our family, set himself a goal to become a professional winemaker, we knew that he would not only accomplish this goal, but would undoubtedly rise to the top of his class. And so he has. Graduating as a Cellar Master from Tel Hai Academic College was just the first step on the journey towards realizing his dream.

As the founder and inspiration behind Adir Winery, Avi has built on his in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience as part of an extensive family of farmers. Integrating field expertise with endless curiosity and a true love of the earth, his passion lies in the ability to work alongside Mother Nature to produce the best, most flavorful and aromatic grapes for each of our wines. After all, the quality of wine depends on the quality of its source.

For Avi, this is the only way to make wine.

For us, this is and will always be the Adir standard.