Port style Kerem Ben Zimra

Port style Kerem Ben Zimra

Wine’s name: Port style Kerem Ben Zimra
Harvest year: 2007
Wine make-up: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon. & 40% Shiraz
Vineyards: 3 different plots from Kerem Ben Zimra Plateau.
Vineyard’s Height: 870 meters above sea level
Harvest date: 25.10.07

Time and fermentation temperature: For this series that has a unique growth method come grapes from a late hand harvest.

When the grapes come to the winery the clusters are carefully selected, the seed is separated from the stalk from there a partial fermentation until the desired existing level of sugar, after this stage grape alcohol is added in order to stop the continuation of the fermentation, full soakage of the skins brings the wanted color and with the use of special yeast all of this in a warm and fast fermentation brings the fullest fruition of the fruit and a high alcohol level that blends into the fruit

Barrels ageing: 874 days in barrels 50% French oak wood 50% American oak wood
Bottling date: 4.4.10
Number of bottles: 2,907

Tasting impressions:
The shade of color is antique red, the wine has a rich bouquet of ripe red fruits, black plum, caramel honey and licorice, clove and a balanced bouquet of louixs cigar and pralines, a pleasant but not dominating sweetness, powerful tannins and a pleasant finish. An elegant wine possesses ability to improve within 10 years of age.

Recommended consumer price: 100 nis.
Wine maker: Avi Rosenberg