Plato 2007- out of stock

Plato 2007- out of stock

Wines name: Plato 2007

Harvest year: 2007

Wine make-up: 92% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Shiraz.

Vineyard: “The Plate” 1988 planting.

Vineyard’s Height: 870 meters above sea level

Harvest date: 12.9.2007

Time and fermentation temperature: manual harvest; clusters are hand selected to ensure that only the highest quality grapes are chosen.

Light pressing and non extraction of the grapes leads to the utmost free flow of the liquid. From there fermentation and soaking of the peels using unique yeast hereby in a slow and cold fermentation. Combined with supreme cleanliness brought full fruit extraction and the realization of the maximum potential of the fruit up to the high alcohol that blends with the fruit

Barrels ageing: 748 days in new French oak barrels.

Bottling date: 01.10.09

Number of bottles: 3618

Alcohol content: 14.2%

Specific gravity: 0.993

Total acidity as Tartaric Acid: 6.1 gram/liter

pH: 3.43

Residual sugar: 2.1 gram/liter

Tasting impressions:

The shades are: red-purple – dark blue and airtight

The wine has a rich bouquet with red and black fruits ,slightly sour , certain minerals ,black plum , red raspberry, new wood , mocha and coffee , firm tannins,

Fascinating wine with its future ahead of it, maybe more harmonious and elegant than the 2005 version in its youth but possesses an outstanding and distinguished personality.

The concentration of fruit combined with the sharp tannins from the wood and alcohol percentage promises a fitting return to the patient collectors.

Recommended consumer price:180 nis.

Wine maker: Avi Rosenberg