A Series

A Series

The “a” series by Adir Winery is a blends series of red and white wines are made with a special blend of grapes, each grown and harvested along the slopes of the vineyard’s unique plateau. To create the perfect balance, each variety is planted and harvested at individual times, adhering to the specific attributes and requirements of every type of grape. The “a” series is specially created annually by Adir Winery’s expert wine maker, making use of the season’s harvest to create the perfect blend. This individualistic approach ensures that the distinct taste of “a” is achieved, serving as a select wine created exclusively at Adir Winery.
“a” wines are made with the utmost care and application of meticulous methods. Manually harvested, the clusters are always hand selected, ensuring that only the highest quality grapes are chosen and incorporated into the wines. Following harvest, the grapes then undergo light pressing and non extraction to maintain the free run of the juice. The next stage is the fermentation and soaking of the peels, using a special yeast solution for slow and cold fermentation. Full fruit extraction and its maximum potential are achieved, combined with the optimal alcohol content which enhances the fruit taste.
These unique blends have a rich bouquet of tastes, and can be enjoyed on its own or alongside a meal. It presents a wide variety of seasonings to the palate, and easily complements food without overburdening. “a” is a signature Adir wine, uniquely produced and savored by all, every year and all year round.
This series has 2 wines: A Red, A White

A Red

The shades are: red-black – dark blue and opaque The wine has a rich bouquet of concentrated black fruit, touches of cassis, Vanilla, tobacco and cigars. a wide variety of seasonings, a few fresh greens, medium to full bodied and dominant but not controlling wood. a pleasant sweetness and a very continuous ending. A complex wine possessing the ability to mature for 8 years

A White

The shades are: bright golden color with elegant aromas of various herbs, Citrus flowering, Red grapefruit and toasted bread, Fresh taste with good acidity, Harmonic balance between fruit and wood and a pleasant continuous ending. Elegant wine combines very well with various foods